CR Talent Hub

Offer a plug-and-play service to a project team focused on commercial recruitment, working exclusively with scaling companies in the SaaS, Insights, Intelligence, Research and Analysis led sectors.

CR Talent Hub

We support each client as a project team, working collectively and collaboratively to deliver outstanding results for clients. Our support model is a significant departure in how scaling companies are supported.

Plug & Play

By offering a plug and play service into our project team, we can help some of the most exciting & fastest growing companies to scale up their commercial teams.

Focus on strategic partnerships

Our support model intentionally supports only a select number of clients each year as a project team, developing strategic close working relationships built on trust.


Why was CR Talent Hub created?

The recruitment industry continues to fail so many companies of a certain size that are looking to scale. Our team have felt for many years that the recruitment industry largely structures itself on a business model that is flawed, inconsistent and draws comparisons to playing the lottery.

Whilst we would love to change and disrupt the entire UK recruitment industry, our team have instead concentrated on building out a project management driven business model that has made a significant difference to those companies choosing to partner with us.

Project team

Clients are supported by a project team NOT sales focused and target-driven, inexperienced recruiters.

Strategic partnerships

Our model only supports a select number of clients each year. This creates the foundation of a partnership built on collaboration and trust.

You’re our focus

We want to learn, immerse ourselves in your business, and position you as if we worked for you directly.


Plug into our Project Team.

CR talent will become part of your team. We can also reach out on your company’s behalf and become part of your talent team if needed. 

Candidates will feel as if they were speaking to your company directly because we immerse ourselves into your business and speak the language of your company. Our recruiters are dedicated to one company, which is yours and not managing multiple roles across multiple clients.

Our areas of focus







The Cost Of Using The Traditional Recruitment Agency Model

Business critical hiring supported by transactional recruitment relationships that deliver no consistency, no strategic partnership, zero collaboration and leave companies with no real idea how they are prioritised.

Disjointed & disconnected hiring model that can inadvertently damage your employee branding.

Poor representation, engagement and reach in a fiercely competitive job market where candidates have a vast amount of choice
The candidates you want to meet with are not being engaged or excited to consider your business.

Our consultants have experience working with

Global Insights & Market Intelligence

“I have been working with Lee for the past 10 years. He is extremely well networked in the commercial business information community and therefore able to produce a shortlist of high performing candidates rapidly.”

Alex Schwendtner – Commercial Director


AI driven Media Intelligence 

“Unlike many recruitment consultants Lee spends time with Signal to fully understand the company, culture and specifics of the required roles. With this knowledge and his extensive network I have full confidence in his ability to identify the strongest candidates, screen them and introduce a quality short list.”

Charlie Mayer – Global Sales Director

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